Get Your RV Ready!

Celebrating Summer the Right Way 2017 is Canada’s 150th birthday! Getting right into the spirit of the celebration, Parks Canada has issued free Discovery Passes to everyone looking to explore the breathtaking beauty of our country’s national parks. There’s never been a better time to load your friends and family into an RV and take a […]


Car Thefts Are Up…Are You Safe?

Protecting Your Vehicle from Increasing Theft Rates There’s nothing more upsetting than being woken up in the middle of the night by the shattering of glass as car thieves help themselves to vehicles on the quiet streets of Calgary. As frightening and violating as being the victim of a vehicle theft can be, more and […]

Turning On Your Water

And Other Hints for Safe Summer Yard Work If there’s one thing that signals the official arrival of warm weather in Alberta, it’s the May Long Weekend. With this annual milestone now behind us, it’s a great time for homeowners to buckle down and make sure the yard is ready for the approaching summer months […]

Umbrellas Aren’t Just for Rain

What are Umbrella Policies, and Do You Need One? We’ve all got that one friend in our life who is absolutely on top of everything and prepared for anything. Have a headache? She’s got some ibuprofen. Phone dying? She’s got a charger she can lend you. Car broken down on the highway? Well, she doesn’t […]

New Car, New Coverage

Picking the Insurance That’s Right for You As we head into the hot summer months, a sound can be heard floating in the spring air, carried on the breeze. It beckons, leading you toward new adventure and exciting experiences. That sound – that feeling – is the open road calling to you, guiding you onward […]

overland water coverage

April Showers Bring May Flowers

But What if They Bring Floods, Too? Here in Alberta, there’s nothing quite like that blissful sensation of stepping outside your door in April and feeling those first few drops of a warm spring rain sprinkling lightly down, especially after months of harsh cold and blustery blizzards. Unfortunately, we live in a province of extreme […]

Spring Is in the Air

Spring Is in the Air

Preparing for Warm Weather Fun Ahead It’s finally happening! After enduring winter for the past several months, spring is here – the time of the year meant for getting outside, enjoying the weather, and taking care of some long-overdue spring cleaning. Now, we know that last bit sounds more like work than fun, but it […]

Keeping the Luck o’ the Irish this St. Patrick's Day

Keeping the Luck o’ the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day

Avoid Dangerous Driving and Increased Insurance Premiums The month of March brings with it a multitude of reasons to celebrate. Spring is within sight, the days are getting warmer, and St. Paddy’s Day rolls around on the 17th, giving everyone an excuse to celebrate, indulge in some green beer, and put on a fake Irish […]

Travelling Solo?

Staying Safe While Off on Your Own Adventure As the winter months drag on, the thought of travelling abroad and leaving behind the cold and snow of February grows ever-more appealing. Spending time somewhere nice and warm is something many Canadians do to feel bring some extra Vitamin D into their lives during these frigid […]

Leaving Your Empty Nest for Warmer Weather

Top Five Snowbird Insurance Questions Think of the beauty of a Canadian winter. The snowy mountains and frozen lakes with silently falling snowflakes. Just stunning. However, when the mercury stays well below 0°C, we all have thoughts of escaping the cold and heading south like our Canadian Geese. Some folks though, turn those thoughts into […]